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Discount Hotel Pricing for Members - No Points, No Rules

We have negotiated special hotel rates as well as consolidated the best hotel rates available in the marketplace. As a member, you will have access to wholesale pricing and VIP customer service.

Our Service Advantages

  • Best Rates - Negotiated and online discounts
  • Save Time - No more calling around to hotels
  • Compare Offers - Hotels bid for your business
  • Automation - Makes the process simple and fast
  • Long Term Stays - Get discounts for long term stays
  • Testimonials - Top notch customer service
  • Administration - Free Event Website for your group
Hotel Buyers Club is ChatGPT enabled for 1.4M Hotels

Your exclusive membership includes:

Deep Discounts on 1M+ properties globally that are unavailable to the general public
Increased flexibility to modify reservations quickly
Cancel membership at any time with no penalty
Bi-weekly ‘Deal Wire’ newsletter with travel deals & tips
Extended stay support for any hotel stay longer than 2 weeks
VIP concierge customer service & support
Personalized group travel support for any 9+room trips globally
Unlimited access to Hotel Buyers Club booking
Text or call for service or support 24/7/365 at 1-833-693-3033

How it Works

How does the Hotel Buyers Club Membership Work?

There is beauty in simplicity: Hotel Buyers Club means no rules, no points, just immediate savings. Pretty cool right?

Hotel Buyers Club does not require you to earn any points or follow any complex rules. Once you join, we provide you with immediate access to deep discounts on more than 1 million hotels and alternative accommodations globally.

Because this is a paid membership site, we can offer you unpublished discount rates that the general public cannot access. And you can cancel your membership at any time with no penalty.

Join the Club today for immediate savings!
How big are the savings really?

Of course, it will depend on the specific hotel. We encourage you to do a few hotel searches for free before joining. We think you’ll be impressed with the lower rates.

How are you able to offer such great deals?

Through our API connections and hotel distribution partnerships, we have access to wholesale rates at more than 1 million properties globally that are unavailable to the general public. We can offer these deep discounts to paid members because they are within ‘Closed User Group’ in a private sales environment.

The Hotel Buyers Club Difference

Take a look at these savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hotel Buyers Club?

Hotel Buyers Club is HotelPlanner’s new loyalty program for paid members to enjoy immediate savings on more than 1 million hotels and alternative accommodations globally. We have intentionally kept the rules very simple: there are no rules, no points to earn, and no strings attached – just immediate savings. You can cancel at any time.

Why is the cost so cheap to join?

We set the membership fee at $5.99/month or $59.99/year options to attract all types of travelers with an affordable loyalty program that accessible to anyone. The fees help us operate the program and maintain the highest quality standards of support and service for members. We are confident that you will recoup the membership fee after booking just one discounted hotel night.

Who is your ideal member?

If you travel at least one a season, this is the loyalty program for you. Hotel Buyers Club is open to all travelers, especially ones who have grown tired of other loyalty programs with complex rules and points to earn that later get diluted. If you’re looking for simplicity in hotel savings, Hotel Buyers Club is the exclusive membership designed for you. No rules, no points, just immediate savings.

What’s the difference between the monthly vs. yearly fee?

No difference in service at all. You will just save more over time by purchasing the annual membership. We encourage all members to become annual members if they travel at least once a season.

How do I join?

Please click the ‘Join Now’ button to complete the simple registration process. And don’t worry! We don’t need to know everything about you, but we kindly ask you to share your favorite travel destinations and the typical activities you do while traveling. That information will help us curate deals for you based on your unique preferences and lifestyle. You will have access to immediate savings after registering.

How are bookings confirmed with the hotels?

You will receive an immediate email confirmation after booking your reservations on Hotel Buyers Club. The booking is shared with the hotel and will be honored. All you’ll need to do at check-in is provide ID and the confirmation number.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time with no penalty. Please be advised that monthly or annual membership fees auto-renew unless you cancel.

If I cancel a reservation, will I always be refunded the full amount?

Unless you have already stayed the night at the hotel, we will refund you the full amount of your hotel stay if you cancel your reservation for any reason. We can only refund you using the same credit card used to make the initial reservation.

Can I make reservations for someone else?

Yes, you can make a reservation for someone else on Hotel Buyers Club. Please include that person’s name and information as a guest. You can have a different name and address for the guest and for the person paying with their credit card.

What is HotelPlanner?

HotelPlanner is one of the world’s leading travel technology companies, serving all travelers since 2003. HotelPlanner combines proprietary artificial intelligence and a 24/7 gig economy-based reservations and customer service network, to serve all traveler hotel & accommodation needs from a single platform.

HotelPlanner is one of the world’s top providers of individual, group and corporate travel bookings, specializing in unique “Closed User Group” discount rates. HotelPlanner has enduring partnerships with the world’s largest Online Travel Agencies, well-known hotel chains, individual hotels, online wedding providers, ancillary lodging providers, corporations, sports franchises, universities and government agencies.

What’s a closed user group?

Whenever we can interact with our customers in a private, closed sales environment, such as over the phone, via a unique site or login, a paid loyalty program, or another ‘Opt In,’ that’s considered a Closed User Group (even if you are just one traveler). A Closed User Group environment allows us to drastically reduce the retail rates to offer you discounts and deals that the general public cannot see.

Will the fee always be this low?

For now, we plan to keep the membership fee affordable and attractive to all travelers. Based on this program’s growth and success (and inflation), we may revisit pricing several years from now. If you sign up now, you can lock in this low rate.

Is my Credit Card and Personal Data safe?

Absolutely! We do not share your data with any third parties, and we maintain the highest levels of cyber security. We use Stripe, an industry-leading payment processor, for all online payments.

How are you able to secure such low hotel rates?

Hotel Buyers Club has API connections and partnerships with the global hospitality marketplace and hotel room ecosystem. (i.e. bed banks, resellers, wholesalers, distribution exchanges, etc.) These partnerships enable us to offer you an incredible amount of discounted hotel room inventory from around the world. We are confident that wherever you are heading, Hotel Buyers Club will provide you with deep discounts.

Can I make the reservation by phone if I have questions?

Absolutely! Our agents are standing by to support you with the highest quality of service and care for Hotel Buyers Club members. Once you find your desired hotel, call the Reservations number listed.

Can I modify my reservation for any reason without penalty?

Yes indeed you can. We have already trained our Hotel Buyers Club customer service team to honor any modification request you may have. (i.e. rescheduling, adding a room, changing rooms, adding a guest or pet, cancelling, etc.)

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

We strive to cover most issues and concerns in our FAQ section. If you have further questions about the loyalty program, email [email protected].

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